Michael Thaden, MS

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Horsetail Falls, Desolation Wilderness, by Michael Thaden 2010

Finding a healing voice is as important as listening, and being listened to.  I believe that the voice carries intrinsic healing qualities, and that cultivating a kind compassionate voice is particularly powerful.  My sense is that life calls us at important junctures to attend, listen, and open to dialogue with our larger process.  Moments of personal challenge and crisis often offer us our greatest opportunities for personal growth and resolution into our true being.  My role as a hypnotherapist often begins with lending an ear, then in offering a voice, and finally witnessing the power of my clients as they access and strengthen their own healing voice.

I have had the benefit of receiving my training at the HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING INSTITUTE.  This has provided me with a full range of hypnotherapy approaches.  I primarily utilize Ericksonian principles to facilitate Mindfulness with Internal Family Systems "Parts Therapy" and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  Find out more about hypnosis from the Mayo Clinic.